The Wedding Registry Just Celebrated its 92nd Anniversary.

We Think That’s Long Enough.

Slowdance looked at the wedding registry.

And we didn’t like what we saw.

We think you know why.

So much of what’s given as gifts is never used and often is never even unpacked.

Which means millions of people end up with closets and cabinets filled with the wrong stuff. (We think of it as “instant storage.”)

Or, you register for things that are just safe and boring – running the gamut from white to off-white. Beige is an adventure.

That’s not surprising. The registry is a buying experience that essentially hasn’t changed since it was invented in 1924.

So we’re changing it from the placemat, up.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all checklist, we created a “Taste Genome” that analyzes individual tastes, styles and sensibilities. Just a few simple questions let us crack your personal design cote.

We use technology to create artful living.

We’ll also learn about what makes your lifestyle tick. So we can make recommendations that both of you can love and live with for the rest of your lives. (That’s our vow.)

You’ll see that these recommendations aren’t a parade of individual items that don’t relate to each other. And they’re not based on an outdated idea of luxury. Our recommendations present a full, harmonious experience for the way we want to live today.. Because we believe that when you register, you should sign up for making every day beautiful.

It’s Like a Wardrobe You Don’t Wear

Our approach is very much like the way a stylist works. We expertly layer essentials – affordable must-haves that still need impeccable taste – with investment pieces. The result is an inspired creative mash-up that brings your Taste Genome to life.

We use a combination of the legendary brands like Lalique, Baccarat and Ceralene; innovative design studios from around the world; and select pieces created by Jung Lee herself.

We’re Also a Gift for the Giver

Let’s not forget that anyone who gives the new couple a gift, wants it to become a deeply appreciated, everyday part of their lives. You don’t want to give a check-the-box gift that ends up as a box in the closet. Because Slowdance goes deep into a couple’s Taste Genome, the gift you buy will start off as meaningful, and stay that way.

From A Lucky Few to the Lucky Many

Jung is the co-founder of Fete, a Manhattan-based event planning company that has built a global reputation for weddings that capture the ineffable personal spirit of the bride and groom.

Through that work she has provided deeply individualized registry consulting for her clients. Now, with Slowdance, we’re making it available to everyone.

It Should Be Obvious By Now

Our name, that is. It was inspired by the first dance you do together – that’s one tradition that hasn’t changed, and in our minds never should – a celebration of togetherness and inseparability. And of a moment of slowness in our speeded-up, crazy multi-tasking lives.

So every time – every day , in fact – that you sit down with the wonderful gifts that Slowdance makes possible, we want you to feel a little bit of that moment, again.