Every Couple’s Unique.

The Questions They Ask Though

We’re here to make your registry experience a total treat. Below, click through to find answers to commonly asked questions. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Jot us a note at hello@slowdance.com and we’ll get you sorted right away.

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For Couples

Hi, have we met?
Choosing Slowdance

Q: Why is Slowdance the best registry site ever known to woman or man?

Because registering for your wedding hasn’t changed since your grandmother an your mom got hitched.

We aim to fix that.

Slowdance is the only online registry experience starts with the style and taste you individually bring into your new relationship – and then offers a collection curated to your shared tastes and lifestyle.

Q: How did you get started?

Our founder and creative inspiration is Jung Lee, who runs one of America’s most successful event planning companies – and one of New York City’s most beloved home design stores Jung Lee NY. Having honed her technique for crafting perfect registries working with private clients, she decided to start Slowdance to make that experience – not to mention her expertise and impeccable style – available to everyone. So it’s finally possible to have a registry that is inarguably tasteful and inarguably you.

Q: How does Slowdance work?

Your Slowdance begins with a quick, fun, visual quiz the both of you take, that helps us identify where you fit in our Taste Genome – where your tastes overlap, and what kind of life you lead together. Based on the results we suggest a range items you’ll not only love, but that you’ll actually use – for special occasions, but also on a daily basis too.

Q: Quiz? Taste Genome? I have even more questions now.

We suggest you just do it and learn from experience. It’ll take about as much time as reading this answer, and it will be a lot more fun, try as we might to be charming.

But basically we show you four images; you pick your favorite and least favorite; we show you four more images; and repeat. You’ll be amazed how much insight we can derive this way.

We map your answers to our Taste Genome: Created by Jung based on her experience with thousands of couples, the Genome breaks your tastes down to their basic components, identifying the minimalist, the maximalist, the rustic, the refined, the modern, the traditional. We also find out about your lifestyle, so we don’t recommend elegant camping chairs to devout urbanites, or elegant steak-knives to vegetarians.

The result is a collection ideally suited to who you are together and the life you’ll lead.

Q: What does Slowdance offer that is different?

An Expertly Curated Selection of Exclusive Goods – Including Collections From Artisans and

Limited Edition Studios.

Spending a Saturday with a scanning gun and over 100,000 SKUs in a department store is pure torture! We recognize that sometimes more is not more—more is just overwhelmed. At Slowdance, we’ve edited hundreds of thousands of products down the best made, most beautiful, and most special—so you don’t have to.

Does Slowdance offer unique items or stuff you can find anywhere?

Many of the items on Slowdance are created specifically for us – and even specially for you, on a made-to-order basis. There are some items you can find in other specialty design and home goods stores, however. Though none of them can curate a collection for who you are and how you live as a couple the way Slowdance can.

How come I can't register for a juicer or a Dyson vacuum?

Because those are items you can find anywhere – Slowdance is reserved for items we think are truly unique and special.

Let’s Do This!

Creating Your Slowdance Registry

Q: What is the Slowdance Quiz and how does it work? ASKED AND ANSWERED ABOVE NOW

When you come to Slowdance, you’ll be prompted to take our Quiz.

We created the 10-question click-through to help us understand you better, so we can make smarter registry recommendations. The Quiz gets at three important things about you and your partner: Your design style, your lifestyle and hobbies, and your predisposition to liking certain product attributes over others.

Don’t over-think it and have fun!

Q: Can we create a Slowdance registry without taking the Taste Quiz?

Ummm. No. The quiz is our way of getting to know you!

BUT … You can always register for individual items on our sister site, JungLeeNY.com.

We can’t promise you the same results, but we can promise that all the items on both sites possess a unique elegance and gracefulness.

Q: How did you arrive at our product recommendations?

We could tell you, but then we’d have to you, you know. That’s our special sauce!

Q: How do we add new items to our registry?

Just use the “Add To Our Registry” button. The first step is to identify what gets you excited—add it all. Next, go to your Registry and use the Image View tool to see all the products you’ve chosen in groupings (organized by environment and product type). From there, you can edit. If you’re on the fence about an item, take it off your registry and move it to your Wish List for a second look at a later date.

Q: Where can guests purchase items from our registry?

They can shop on Slowdance.com, or in-person at Jung Lee NY, our Showroom in downtown New York City.

Q: We want to register in person. How do we do that, and what can we expect from that experience?

If you’re near Manhattan, you can register by appointment at Jung Lee NY, our Slowdance Showroom in located downtown (we hope to open more soon).

At Slowdance, we believe registering should be fun and romantic. Make a day (or date night) of it! Take a spin around our neighborhood with your better half—right this way.

Q: How can we add our Slowdance registry to our page on TheKnot?

It’s easy to add a Slowdance button to your registry – we think it’s a great idea, too, because it’s an easy way to let as many people as possible know where you’re registered.

  1. Log into the Slowdance account
  2. Under "My Gift Registry" click on Share Your Registry
  3. Copy and Paste the URL link in the message box
  4. Log into The Knot AccountC
  5. Under the Registry tab, click on "Manage Your Registries"
  6. Click on the link "Add Another Registry"
  7. Scroll down to the section "Add an Existing Registry" and click on "Add One Manually." A pop-up window will appear.
  8. Enter your first and last name, and the URL link from your Slowdance registry account.

Signed, Sealed, and Conveniently Delivered

Holding, Shipping & Returns

Q: What is a "hold" registry?


Q: What are the perks of choosing a Hold Registry?

The time leading up to the big day is packed with decision-making on overdrive and some logistical drama. Even the most laid-back couple would agree—it’s nice to push one important decision off. Well, here’s your chance.

Get married, go on your honeymoon, enjoy. Then come back to us to revisit your registry as newlyweds. (We can hold it for up to a year after your wedding day.)

Q: What if we chose to hold everything on our registry, but we need a particular item shipped to us now?

No problem! Go to the Orders Page and select the quantity of prodcuts you want and click checkout.

Q: Where can we track what has been shipped to us?

Check the Orders page and then Order History.

Q: What are your shipping policies and fees?

We offer free shipping on orders $125 and up. For gifts under $125, we charge a $12 shipping fee, which we automatically add to the gift-giver’s total at checkout. Though currently we can’t ship internationally, we can accept international credit cards.

Q: Why do some items have longer lead times?

Many of the items on Slowdance are created by small manufacturers and individual artisans spread across the globe. All this contributes to the longer lead times you’re seeing on some of our more unique items.

Q: Can any item be returned?

This comes up all the time. Most gifts can, but in the case of special-order or made-to-order items, sales are final. You can find out if an item can’t be returned by looking at the Details section on the product page.

Q: How do we return or exchange a gift?

Email us at hello@slowdance.com to return an item for a Slowdance credit: We’ll send you a shipping label and a Return Authorization Document. Remember to include the Return Authorization Document in the box you’re sending back to us, or there is a re-stocking fee of $TK. Please return the item in its original packaging within 30 days of receiving it l; used or damaged items will not be accepted. So if you broke a plate during your first fight, that’s on you. A shipping charge of $12 will be added for item exchanges.

Q: What happens if a product’s price changes during the registry process?

That rarely happens, but if it does, it will only affect an item that has not been purchased. Items that we’re holding for you – that have been purchased – will not be affected by the price change.

Q: What if an item is discontinued before we close out our registry?

We hate it when that happens! But product availability rests with the manufacturer. As soon as we’re notified that a product is discontinued, we’ll email you. If you tell us you want it—we’ll do our best to scour all the land for it. We’ll send you three suggested substitutes if we come up empty-handed. Or, we can offer you store credit.

That’s a Wrap!

Completing Your Slowdance Registry

Q: We want to complete our registry and close out. Do you offer the standard 10 percent discount off completion?

We do. We’ll give you 10 percent off the completion amount of your registry—valid for anything in the store for up to one year after your wedding date.

Q: Will we have to pay for shipping to have our gifts delivered to us when we finalize our registry?

Yes. A small shipping and handling fee is added to every “Hold” purchase. These fees are used to deliver your gifts free of charge.

Q: What if there’s money left in our account after finalize our registry?

In that case your credit can be used to purchase anything at our sister store, Jung Lee NY.

For Gift-Givers

Q: How do I find a couples’ registry?

We send an email to everyone listed on a couple’s registry; if the couple’s chosen to protect their registry with a password, it will be in that email. If you can’t locate it you can find a registry through the Slowdance site. Just click on the “Find a Registry” on the homepage and search for the couples’ names.

Q: How will I know that the lucky couple’s aware I’ve purchased this fabulous present for them?

We’ll send you a note confirming your order and letting you know the couple has received a similar email, telling them you’ve given them an incredibly beautiful present.

Q: Can I include a personal message for the couple?

How could we say no to that? When you’re checking out, there’s a Gift Note section – that’s where you should jot down your lovely and touching message.. Coming soon: Even more personalization options!

Q: Do you offer gift-wrapping?

Not at this time, but we plan to soon.

Q: What are your shipping policies?

We offer free shipping on qualifying orders of $125 and up

For gifts under $125, we charge a $12 shipping fee, which we automatically add to your total at checkout. We accept international credit cards.