From our Founder

Jung Lee

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s an incredible time as you begin your lives together, as a couple, creating a home and memories... and I want you to really savor it. In fact, I want the process to be every bit as magical as planning the Big Day itself.

That’s why I created Slowdance. I’m a wedding planner, and entertaining with style is my absolute passion. At my company Fete, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples who pour their hearts and souls into creating their special day.

To me, what comes next is every bit as special: Your home should also feel well-planned, rich and exciting. My mission at Slowdance is to make sure your registry is valued in the same way as your wedding planning. There’s no reason it should be about going to a big-box store with a scan gun or signing up for Soulcycle classes!

With Slowdance, I bring all my expertise to make sure that you start your married life with elegant, versatile items that enhance your taste and elevate your everyday. Because your registry should not only suit your wedding guests but also truly work for you, today and tomorrow.

That’s why I personally choose everything. Whether an item is classic or trendy, I touch it, examine it, and try it out in real kitchens and dining rooms to see how it performs. It’s worth the effort. You’re going to love how chargers transform a tablesetting. And our vase that doubles as a wine cooler. And our platter that holds pancakes at a family brunch this year, nachos on a Friday night next year, and yummy apps when your boss comes over for a drink a decade from now.

Think of Slowdance as the secret sauce that provides the foundation for a beautiful life. Your home is your sacred space in this crazy world….where you’ll build your married-life memories. When it’s filled with treasures, you feel fabulous. And when you’re ready for friends and family to stop by, knowing you can entertain with ease and with pride, so much the better!

I can’t wait to help you achieve all that. With Slowdance, you’ll be set for your dreams to unfold, from hosting your first Thanksgiving together to celebrating your 10th anniversary and beyond. To me, that’s what living your best life is all about.