Living and Home Decorative Bowls Rallye 24 Large Vase Rotonde

Living and Home

Rallye 24 Large Vase Rotonde



The "Chaîne d'Ancre" link transforms into a racetrack! Benoit-Pierre Emery and Damian O’Sullivan sign this new contemporary table service with a daring aesthetic. Innovating with both its exclusive shapes and freedom of composition. Colors echoing back to the body works of the famous automobile stables. They match through combinations of plain or polychrome pieces. This distinguished geometric table service is composed of exclusive and stackable shapes. Multipurpose and customizable: a playful and adjustable tableware service; for everyday or more formal use, a multicolor or monochrome version.


Designed by Benoit Pierre Eméry
Approved for occasional cleaning in dishwasher
Made in France
Height: 9.8"

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