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June 22 – July 22

“I Feel”

Emotionally intelligent, sensitive, strongly intuitive, romantic, loves home and family and feels secure there, strong maternal instincts, retentive with a good memory.

Home is so important to Cancer that you feel your home should be a welcoming, cozy, comforting haven away from the sometimes difficult world. You are a highly sensitive, romantic, sentimental sign. You make a thoughtful, caring partner, and no matter how much you are carrying on your shoulders, you are never too busy to listen to your partner and are ready to offer advice. You enjoy traditional holidays where everyone in the family comes together, and not surprisingly, that’s often when you shine the brightest—Cancers are known to be great cooks or soon to become one. Ultra-feminine and always empathic, you put the interests of everyone first. The job of your partner will be to cherish you and show you that sometimes you deserve to come first and be fussed over, too.

Water – emotional, highly intuitive, loving, and giving.

The moon.

The colors of the seashell – silvery grey-blue, tea green, whisper pink, and the white of powdery beach sands. All shades of white belong to this moonchild, and the fabrics should have a luminous sheen, just like the light of the moon when it is full and at its most beautiful.

Your flowers are white – white lilies, white orchids, gardenia, white roses, paper whites, moonflower, narcissus, and white jasmine.


To Cancer, home is a haven against an often harsh world. Consider country French décor that is a bit rustic. A rough-hewn distressed wooden farmhouse table might be perfect for you, for its texture would add much character to your space.

Warm and cozy, friendly, classic, or traditional furniture with a twist of modern is often Cancer’s favorite style. You are known to look for quality, so you tend to spend more for investment furniture. Your favorite living room décor might include cream, white, off-white, pearl, soft grey, tea green, smoky pale blue, powdery pale pink—all the colors found inside a seashell. Consider installing French doors to separate one room from another for a sense of coziness. Replace brass or wooden doorknobs with crystal ones.

Nothing affects a room more than a beautiful rug in a living room. You lean more to traditional than modern, so if you do not go with neutrals or very pale pastels in your living room, perhaps an Oriental rug would fit the bill. Those from Pakistan are warm and bright, incorporating such colors as burnt orange, beige, navy, and cream. No matter what you choose, everything about the Cancer home says “Welcome!”

For you, Cancer, your kitchen is often the heart of the home. A large kitchen that will fit all your family members or friends would be ideal. If you live in the city, that might not be possible, but at the very least, you’ll need a professional stove and refrigerator, a dining room table, and beautiful china.

You entertain family and friends often, so you would need a table and comfy chairs in the dining area able to accommodate all. If you don’t go with a large, distressed farmhouse table, one that can expand or contract depending on your entertaining needs would appeal to you. (For example, a Parson’s table made of polished honey-toned burlwood, with extra inserts would be ideal.) Install a modern square chandelier over the table for plenty of light that can be dimmed at will. You are known to be a romantic, so it’s a good bet you have a supply of candles and candlesticks on hand for festive occasions.

Cancer would love carved armoires and soft furry rugs in the bedroom.

The décor of children’s rooms is also a priority in a Cancer home. From the nursery to a cool teen’s room, you always want to be sure your children are safe and happy and that their rooms are as well designed as the rest of the house. As they get older, incorporate your children’s style and preferences.

Choosing your china pattern is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a bride. You look for a pretty design, possibly replete with flowers, birds, and butterfliers, and the tone of the style is European and elegant. Like your decorating style, your china pattern is likely traditional yet with a refined, modern twist.

The moon is your ruler, so you’d love linen napkins with a touch of luminosity and sparkle by having metallic silver threads weaved into the lines. Be sure to register candlesticks—you’ll need many, depending on your mood. You will need a cake server because you are known to celebrate lots of birthdays, as well as champagne glasses and a champagne cooler to keep your bubbly chilled. When it comes to celebrations at home, you, dear Cancer, do it best.

Selma Blair, Liv Tyler, Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Kristen Bell, Olivia Munn, Missy Elliot, Sandra Oh, Sofia Vergara, Priyanka Chopra, Lil’ Kim, Jessica Simpson, Meryl Streep, and Lindsay Lohan. The late Princess Diana.

Like the moonlight, freshly fallen snow, pure milk, a debutante’s gown, all reminiscent of Cancer, you need to be enveloped in white—your emblem, dear Cancer. That’s why your wedding day is so special. Having the right white dress is paramount. Also, no matter what your ethnicity, the Cancer young woman has translucent skin and a feminine décolleté. The night dressing gown you wear should be of charmeuse silk, to set off your magnificent features.

When wearing your fabric, silk, you will radiate an inner luminescence. That is why your partner should forever see that you are always wrapped in that soft, exquisite fabric. It drapes beautifully to your figure, and in white will show off your complexion so well. You are the original 1940’s glamorous celebrity—all glamour and all heart.

Stomach and the breasts.

Cancer loves comfort food, and if the recipe comes from your family, it tastes even better. You have a delicate stomach, so you don’t go for rich foods or foods that are overly spiced. You prefer fresh foods and natural ingredients, simply prepared to allow the natural flavors to come out. For your wedding, see if your caterer can incorporate one recipe from your family in homage to your mother. (Your ruler, the moon, rules Mothers in a horoscope so this would be very appropriate.)

You may love to honeymoon near turquoise waters where you and your sweetheart can have soothing privacy and a magnificent view. The Caribbean sounds tailor-made for you—St John’s or St Bart’s perhaps? If you’d rather be in the US, consider going to one of the Hamptons on New York’s Long Island, Block Island, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Malibu, or Lake Tahoe. Long to fly away to a distant point? Go to Bali, Tahiti, Lake Como in Switzerland, or to be near water, visit Amsterdam with its charming canals.

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