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May 21 – June 21

“I Think”

Sharp intelligence, alert, versatile and quickly adaptable, perceptive, friendly, curious, and questioning.

Gemini likes to stay on top of trends—this is the sign that rules the journalist and the dissemination of information. You likely love to read, a lot. You not only read books, but newspapers, the Internet, magazines, and social media, and you also tend to be a talented writer. You have a witty sense of humor. As a Gemini, you get bored easily, so you like change, and the process is joyful. Your many interests make you a dazzling kaleidoscope, always interesting to your mate, for your partner will never know what to expect from you—but what comes up is always fascinating.

Gemini is the one sign most likely to look far younger than their years. You not only tend to eat right and stay fit, you tend to act in a young, vibrant way. You stay up to date on current trends and news, so people always guess you are at least a decade younger than you happen to be.

Air – smart, probing, and a master communicator.


Lemon Yellow.

Wild rose and Lily of the Valley.


As a Gemini, you love modern rooms, with pretty patterns and prints, even in the rugs. Start with a vibrant, sunny color like pale yellow for one of your rooms, one that does not get enough light.

Alternatively, you might prefer a sunny color rug, say, in orange with white couches. For a modern touch, you might like to mix melon with coral. In truth, though, lemon yellow is most associated with Gemini, for it is considered the color of intelligence. You are born at the time of the year when sunshine is most plentiful.

You have many interests so you need a home that can transition from creative space to entertaining hot spot with the blink of an eye. Meaningful conversation is important to you for you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. The couches and chairs must be positioned to allow for easy conversational flow when you entertain family and friends.

As a Gemini, you read a great deal, know the current trends—you also know which ones will apply to your lifestyle and which ones won’t. You can get inspiration from sumptuous art books as well as books and magazines devoted to interior design.

You might work as a writer, speaker, editor, app developer, researcher, fact checker, or in other areas of the communication arts, so a home office where you can have a bookcase for your most used reference books would be ideal. You will need a small white copier, a scanner, and a white or glass desk (for lucid thinking). If you like, put a TV in that room (as a Gemini you need to stay in the know with all the news).

Do you want a semi-precious stone to display? Seek out a citrine, symbolizing lightheartedness and joy. In ancient days, merchants were said to put a citrine in a cash box to promote prosperity. It’s a perfect jewel for you. Citrine is considered a gemstone of communication for this stone is believed to promote the flow of energy in speaking, writing, editing, negotiating, sales—talents that all belong to you, Gemini.

To make your home ready for a party, add poufs and ottomans for extra seating, glass and brass for evening sparkle, and plenty of surfaces for guests to set their drinks. Modular furniture—nesting tables, movable modular couch, and other mobile furniture—can cater to Gemini’s need to add ease and improve conversation. Gemini gets bored with the status quo, so add change and beauty through accessories.

Gemini rules butterflies and small beautiful birds, so you might be drawn to china that features one or both creatures in its design. A pretty charger plate to place under your chosen china will bring out the delicate colors of your favorite pattern and add a classy look. You love sparkle, so fabrics that have sheen or that glimmer in the light would attract your attention.

While your taste is exquisite like Taurus’, you are more contemporary in approach and will delight in mixing traditional design with all that is sleek and modern. You love mixing things up and adding new, surprising elements to your table as the spirit moves you. You enjoy looking at designer’s table settings in expensive shops but would never have a centerpiece that is so tall that it would hamper conversation.

Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Nicole Kidman, Elizabeth Hurley, and the twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The late Marilyn Monroe.

Books and novels that keep you up at night top your list. As a Gemini, you love words, and you listen acutely to how others use their words as an insight into the soul. To Gemini, words not used are as important as the ones that are used—by you and by others. In love, you get in the mood when your sweetheart whispers all the right things to you.

Shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, and your beautiful clavicle bones. You fidget a lot, so you are usually slender. You tend to like to exercise, so chances are you have nicely developed arms like Mrs. Obama, and because you care for your hands, they are quite beautiful. A strapless dress or gown will show off your pretty clavicles and shoulders. Gemini gets frequent manicures, and often has pretty rings and bracelets to call attention to her exceptional hands.

Gemini nibbles. You are known to be in perpetual motion, the Gemini young woman learns early on that little plates of food are more satisfying than a large plate for a big meal. For that reason, you tend to like tapas and dim sum. In any restaurant, you will often order several items off the appetizer menu rather than from the main course menu. For your wedding, you may prefer a buffet with many appetizers and small plates, where guests can mingle, sit at different tables, and get to know one another better.

You wouldn’t like a long road trip—sitting still for a long time makes you antsy. You love to read up on the customs before you go and crave soaking up the colors, flavors and spices, scents, music, fashions, and other elements of the culture. Indeed, museums and interesting architecture thrill you. Consider going to Cuba on your honeymoon, a country recently opened to Americans. Another idea: Gemini always thinks in twos—when you shop you buy two of everything, and when it comes to travel, you’d rather go to two places than one. In the poetic sense, the reason Gemini thinks in twos is that she is always looking for her proverbial lost twin. Consider flying to Spain and Portugal, Ireland and Scotland, or Vancouver and the charming nearby Canadian island of Victoria. You get the idea!

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