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July 23 – August 22

“I Will”

Very creative in cultural and visual arts, stylish, proud, confidant, distinguished, determined. Exudes authority, makes a fine leader. Warm-hearted, loving, enthusiastic, and gregarious.

Stylish, regal and refined, you have mastered the art of the dramatic entrance and raised it to an art form. You effortlessly give off quite a bit of magnetic energy, and everyone, it seems, wants some of it—no wonder your partner wants to follow you wherever you go. Your interest in the world around you is wide and deep, and culturally, your sign is worldly. If you need to know how a certain play or book has been reviewed, ask a Leo, for she will know.

As a Leo, you usually have a strong flair for color and design and are renowned for exceptional originality. Many members of your sign work in entertainment, whether in the arts, music, dance, or theatre. Leos are also gregarious, magnanimous, exuberant, and cheerful. No wonder you have such a loving following.

Fire – creative, sophisticated, artistic, with a fabulous sense of color and design.

The brilliant warming Sun, found at the heart of our solar system.

The royal colors of scarlet, gold, and purple, each an expensive dye that was imported and beyond the ability of their subjects to afford. Royalty wore these hues to stand out so that the commoners could easily spot them at public events.

Coronation lilies or Calla lilies, peony, or amaryllis.


Vivacious and warmhearted, you are the royal sign, so you see your home as your castle. You need a large, sunny space with a view in a great neighborhood. The furniture and style of your living room and bedroom is sophisticated, grand, stately, often glamorous.

If you had your choice, your kitchen and bathrooms would have lots of white or beige marble, and the living room, dining room, or bedroom may have Venetian or crystal chandeliers or wall sconces with little lampshades. You tend to buy expensive furnishings and would rather wait to buy than to buy something of lesser quality.

The colors found in your décor could be almost any color, with pops of color in your accessories—scarlet, orange, red, gold, or purple.

You love all the cultural arts, so you might have a large painting on the wall or an interesting, valuable poster. For some, you’d rather buy art before you choose your furniture so that the art can take center stage. You also love music and would be willing to spend for a great audio system.

As a Leo, you travel quite a bit and often stay at the best five-star hotels, so you will get ideas from the décor in these fine establishments. You also like to view model rooms in department stores or at the Armory Show in New York and regularly look at decorating magazines. As a Leo, you would rather have fewer items in your home than many items of lesser value. You also believe your home should be more beautiful and inviting than any hotel room or suite you’ve stayed in. You love unique design and will look for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Your style is regal, stately, and beautifully designed. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so you are drawn to gold touches on the china. Of all the signs, you are the most likely to give formal dinner parties with beautiful linens (with, of course, napkins shot with gold threads). Register for a wide assortment of crystal glassware, for as a Leo, only the correct glass for each type of wine, champagne, or liquor will do.

Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, and Halle Berry.

Art. Nothing thrills you more than seeing an exquisite presentation of art, music, theatre, ballet, or a museum exhibit. You return home energized and intent on creating your own work. You prize uniqueness and originality in all forms. Going to a museum will spark ideas for the colors, tone, and style of your wedding—go and be inspired!

The heart, spine, and beautiful back. Choose a sexy backless evening dress for your honeymoon and dance the night away.

Leo loves foods by celebrity chefs—the taste of something unique is thrilling to you, Leo, and therefore you are possibly a “foodie.” You read the reviews, and you are eager to try new dishes, always in a beautiful restaurant that’s known to be frequented by celebrities or other successful people in the news. For your wedding, you want to see originality and elegance from your caterer and will be willing to spend for memorable, delicious foods.

Leo is a sophisticated, gregarious sign, so a remote location is not for you. You love delving into the culture of the city you visit, taking in the museums, shows, fine restaurants, nightclubs, and more. Consider going to one of the truly great cities of the world—London, Paris, Rome, or Tokyo. You will want to stay at the very best hotel you can afford, and make sure it offers a spa. Royalty needs pampering.

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