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September 23 – October 22

“I Balance”

Relationship oriented, diplomatic, fair-minded, refined, elegant, considerate, romantic, and idealistic.

Libra is a very social sign. Libra seems to know everyone, and certainly everyone wants to know Libra. This sign rules marriage, so not surprisingly, Libra is happiest when coupled up in a harmonious, settled union. Weddings are “you,” and no one has party organizing skills like you, dear Libra. You believe in the sacredness of marriage, and you enjoy playing matchmaker to others, not only for romantic purposes, but in business, too. Your instincts are remarkably correct, so when you offer to make a match, you are enthusiastic about doing so. Your family has told you that you can be strong willed at times, but being ruled by Venus, you exert your opinions in a kind and subtle way. It’s easy to see why you so often get your way. Few can resist your charms.

Always charming, gracious, polished, and up-to-the-minute, Libra will more often start a trend than follow one. Your sign is called the arbiter of good taste, for as an air sign, you analyze trends in culture and decide what’s hot and what’s not. If the rest of us need a great new restaurant or want to explore a chic boutique, we have learned to ask a Libra.

You love to debate different concepts as well as modern issues, and for that reason, many Libras become courtroom lawyers or judges or marry a professional in the legal system. Other Libras work in fashion as designers or editors or as museum curators. The scales that symbolize your sign show an innate yearning in you for perfect proportion. Nature tells us that at the time of your birth, October, day and night times are equal—hence, the scales.

Air – Intellectual and highly communicative.


Shades of blue, from robin egg blue to sapphire, darker hues like cobalt, cerulean, ultramarine, or indigo. Alternatively, you might like the powdery, soft pastel colors of the rococo drawing room—soft dusty blues, pale pinks, or tea green would suit you perfectly.

Large roses, all blue flowers, bluebells, jonquil, and primrose.

Blue Sapphire.

Libra is the most social sign of the zodiac, a role you share with Leo. When you choose an apartment or house, you know you need lots of room to have friends over.

As the sign symbolized by the scales, Libra seeks perfect proportion in the design of her rooms, colors in balance, bringing forth a soothing, calm mood. You might like matching lamps on either side of your bed for example. To Libra, balance feels good. In terms of prints, Libra is associated with circles, thanks to her rulership by Venus.

As the proponent of harmony and justice, you want your décor designed to look effortless and be easy on the eyes. Beautifully made fabrics and intriguing colors and textures, arranged in a casual, yet stylish way, speak to your sophisticated design sense.

Venus teaches you to love mirrors, and you use them cleverly to add a touch of individuality, as well as to make the space seem larger.

You enjoy setting a beautiful table—life is art for you. As Venus’ daughter, you want things to be exquisitely pretty, soft, and graceful. Themes from nature, including flowers, birds, buds, fauna, and herbs portraying a classic theme will look perennially beautiful. The charger plate should enhance the design and underscore its colors and ties to European charm. You will want the crystal goblets and wine glasses to be as special as the china and have interesting stems. A water goblet, say, tinted green, to echo some of the color in the pattern of the china would add a lovely surprise twist that works because it blends with the china but does not distract from it.

Venus rules all things that embellish including flowers, so register for several crystal vases and add elegant candlesticks—to you, dinner should be lit with flattering candlelight. Libra rules the social graces including protocol, manners, and politeness, and you understand how important it is to be treated with respect and warmth. It is no wonder that everyone loves an invitation from you, dear Libra.

Kim Kardashian, Catherine Zeta Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, and Gwen Stefani.

Visit an upscale, traditional Parisian or Viennese style pastry shop and study the style of confections. You could be so inspired that you’ll start to take pastry classes. Going to one of these classy establishments would be a perfect outing for you to become inspired if you are planning your wedding menu.

The lower back and buttocks. Libra is often nicely shaped—a virtual goddess.

As the daughter of Venus, you adore sweets, so you should oversee the choice of wedding cake and any desserts you might serve. You also know what’s in style for all foods and for weddings in general, so you should handle the entire menu, as well as the look and feel of the wedding. Hopefully, your partner will be glad to hand off those decisions to you. Nevertheless, Libra is famous for always conferring with her partner, never making decisions completely alone. It is your secret to marital bliss.

As the zodiac’s most social sign, you would prefer an exotic city where the night life is hopping, the people are beautiful, the boutiques are well stocked, and where the restaurant offerings are wide, varied, and critically reviewed and praised. Consider going to South Beach in Miami, The French Rivera, Rome, New York City, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, or everyone’s favorite, the city of light (and love), Paris.

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