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February 19 – March 20

“I Believe”

Highly creative, imaginative, poetic and artistic, compassionate, sensitive, romantic, feminine, idealistic, empathetic, caring, spiritual or religious, giving, modest. Pisces will sacrifice and give all she has to those who suffer.

Pisces is a water sign, the last sign of the zodiac and considered deeply compassionate, intuitive, spiritual, and creative. As a Pisces, you are best known for your vast and limitless imagination and your highly active subconscious, which becomes a reservoir of ideas for the creation of some of your greatest works of art and beauty. You always seem to have several projects in production that you work on simultaneously.

Right brain learners, the Fish has an ability to “read” body language and gestures to a remarkable degree, and not surprisingly, your hunches always turn out to be right.

Pisces has a remarkable ability to project into a time and space and continually make herself new. This sign rules costume design, Hollywood, and the movies, hence, you can become quite glamorous when you put your mind to it—your wedding dress and overall style of the wedding perhaps?

Although you are gregarious and enjoy being in the company of others, you also need time alone. Because of your kind nature, others often come to you for advice. Yet at the end of the day, Pisces needs to quiet down and manage all those feelings that others have brought for discussion or risk becoming overwhelmed by them. Members of this sign are highly philosophical, spiritual, and reflective, for you are always interested in meditating on the mysteries of the meaning of life. While Sagittarius rules the dogma of religion that comes from intellect, Pisces rules faith, which emanates purely from the heart.

Water – Emotional, loving, deep feelings. You can dive to the bottom of the sea of love.

Neptune, with ancient ruler, Jupiter.

The colors of a Monet painting—a range of pale icy blues, aqua, white, soft pink. Add sea green, pale lavender to deep violet, silvery and snow white.

White orchid, narcissus, Casablanca lilies, gardenia, white roses, violets, and lilacs.


To you, Pisces, home is a restful place to think, to create, and to dream. If you have a family, home is a place to be together in a warm cozy haven. Everything in Pisces’ world is touchable, inviting, and soft. You likely adore the full spectrum of blues and whites—pale icy blues, deeper blues, turquoise, aqua, lavender, violet, as well as snow white and perhaps a whisper of light pink, echoing the colors in the famous Monet painting, “Water Lilies.”

You might love a glass desk, lucid and clean in all respects, so you can reflect on the topic you are working on. As a Pisces, you want options in the kind of space you rent or buy to allow you to use your considerable creativity and flair for decorating. Pisces is, after all, the most imaginative sign of the zodiac and can direct her ideas toward fashion or home interior design, the cultural arts, or music. Whether your home is eclectic, vintage, modern, trendy, or subdued, you go for spaces with a flexible color scheme and inviting décor.

You want a calm living room, most likely a white couch, and add throw pillows with sparkle or sequins—Pisces adores sparkle. Sequins remind you of the beautiful shiny gills of a fish that glisten when a shaft of light illuminates the fish. You will never outgrow your love of sparkle.

Works of art may fill your space, or you may have a valuable collection of beautiful photographs, signed, matted in white, and framed to adorn the walls. Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, is the planet of arts, including painting, music, dance, costume design, film, and photography. If you are talented in photography, you may frame some of you own work.

You adore flowers and because many Pisces work in their own businesses or work independently, many do their best work at home. Having flowers nearby increases your productivity and creativity. A studio in which to work at home or a home office that is comfortable and well-lit would be a pleasure for Pisces.

The rooms Pisces responds to best are the bedroom (Pisces rules sleep and dreams) and bath (Pisces is a water sign, born at the time of the year when the snows melt, and the brooks and creeks run with the heavy cascade of frothy fresh waters from the mountain tops.) The shower in her bathroom is very important to her—she likes the kind with a fine, large rain shower above and with a hand-held shower head that will allow her to hold the spray and direct it in any way she pleases.

In your bedroom, you need a vanity to hold your perfume bottles or a collection of crystal antique atomizers. A soft, tufted headboard to lean against would be comfortable if you read in the bedroom.

As a Pisces, chances are you love pillows, and if you do, you will need a plethora of goose down pillows on your bed to arrange as you need, depending on your mood. You would love beautiful mirrors too, especially antique ones. Fabrics that have sheen or colors that seem lit from within are also a Pisces favorite.

If you sew or design, you might have a vintage dress you designed and sewed for a movie on a mannequin (headless, the kind dressmakers use) as a design element in one of your rooms—perhaps a craft room or she shed you have all to yourself.

You are a wizard with light—you need dimmers everywhere to create the right setting, enough light to allow you to see what you are doing when working on a manuscript, drawing, working on a proposal, or doing embroidery and to create low light for a romantic setting.

Of course, blue is your color. When it comes to choosing your china, Pisces tends to love enduring elegance and delicate beauty. Asia and the East are ruled by Pisces, the reason so many members of your sign love the Orient and are drawn to Chinese motifs on their china. The Chinese Bouquet Blue Dessert Plate by Herend is ideal for you, with a Chinese Bouquet Garland Blue Dinner plate by the same company. Under both, a gorgeous sky-blue charger plate by Anna Weatherley will give the classic design for your china a surprising modern twist.

Pair your china with Sully flatware by Ercuis. A Baccarat crystal Harcourt 1841 water goblet and Harcourt Eve wine and champagne crystal glasses complete the look. Pisces loves sparkle, so add metallic thread napkins and snow-white linen coated placemats.

Be sure to register a beautiful jug for easy and refined dining. You will also need a blue vase to hold your beloved white flowers—choose Baccarat’s Louxor rectangular vase in blue.

Jessica Biel, Queen Latifa, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Davis, Julie Bowen, Cindy Crawford, Brittney Snow, and Emily Osment. The late Elizabeth Taylor.

Poetry, meditation, or prayer. As a Pisces, you would enjoy going to a bookstore, perusing the poetry books, and choosing one to bring home. The symbolism of poetry speaks to your Pisces’ right brain and inspires you. When you are upset, poetry calms you. You would also feel very centered in a church or while in meditation. By quieting down, Pisces comes up with original ideas to solve dilemmas. By being alone and away from others, you can be in touch with your core and come up with ideas that feel right for you—including the decisions you need to make when planning your wedding.

The adage that says, “A change is as good as a rest” works well for you, Pisces. Switching from project to project refreshes you, especially when you feel stuck. When you focus your mind on something else, your subconscious will still be working on your first project (the one that you are not thinking about directly), and suddenly your subconscious will give you a flash—and unlock an idea.

The feet. You love shoes!

Pisces finds being under stress limits her ability to digest foods, particularly ones with sauces. She does better with light meals spaced three hours apart. She loves all kinds of fish (including sushi), chicken, and turkey and pasta with lightly cooked vegetables. Pisces rules Asian countries, so Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and other Asian foods usually appeal to her as well.

Pisces is an incurable romantic, so go to a place that has a touch of fairy-tale magic about it. Any place that smacks of real life—ringing phones, billboards, and traffic—would dampen your spirit. You love to be near bodies of water so consider going to Tahiti, Nantucket Island, Niagara Falls, or Montego Bay in Jamaica. Drive along Route 1 on the coast of California to see Big Sur and stay overnight in Carmel—arrive in time to witness the stunning sunset. If you want to go to Europe, go to Venice, Italy, certainly a city that will provide the sense of mystery, beauty, art, and adventure you crave. Or take a cruise to anywhere—being on the sea will be refreshing and transport you to another world.

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