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October 23 – November 21

“I Want”

Intense, passionate, magnetic, sexy, investigative, intuitive, loving, possessive, secretive, and private.

You are an exquisite blend of passion, sensuality, and privacy. Scorpio would never kiss and tell—what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Deeply determined and driven, as a Scorpio you are intense, but that’s precisely what makes you hauntingly mysterious and completely unforgettable.

Self-reliant, Scorpio enjoys solitude so that she can think, dream and strategize life’s goals. Large parties are not for you, Scorpio—you prefer smaller affairs, such as an elegant sit-down dinner party, where you can devote full attention to each person, one at a time. At your wedding, a buffet is not “you.” You may opt for a smaller wedding, but one where you can treat guests more luxuriously, where everyone is personally served and attended to.

In love, you are passionate, emotional, extremely loyal, and certainly are not one to play the field. When you met your mate, you knew. There was no reason to keep dating others. You are excellent at keeping a secret—you feel that almost nothing would justify giving up a confidence.

Your eyes are your most unforgettable quality—few can resist the seductive power of your gaze. Indeed, Scorpio is considered one of the sexiest and most private signs of the zodiac, so make no mistake—the Scorpio woman is a lady in public and her man’s dream in private.

Water – your sign proves that emotionally, still waters run deep.

Mars and Pluto – two planets.

Maroon, burgundy, black, eggplant, and deep jewel tones.

Chrysanthemum in a bright yellow or fuchsia in a vivid purplish red color.


Above all, as a Scorpio, you need privacy. When you buy your dream house, it will likely have high hedges or a long beautiful road to the house, set in a secluded area, perhaps near water.

In your interior, you like drapes that you can close—again, for privacy—and you put a premium on having adequate lighting that can change with your mood. You generally do not go for a flashy or overly designed interior and tend to favor a classic, functional style.

Leather has always been associated with Scorpio—consider a buttery-soft leather chair for your living room or study.

If the home were large enough, Scorpio would respond to a man cave, she shed, or entertainment center. If you are self-employed or work for others but often bring work home from the office, you may want to set up a beautifully appointed home office, and if in the countryside, choose wood paneling to make your office cozy and inviting.

In addition to the colors listed above, for your décor you can try mixing aubergine with pale blue or warm copper with chocolate.

Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler and the planet of transformation, might have given you a talent for taking old but quality furniture and finding ways to transform each piece into a new and functional version that fits with your lifestyle.

Your sign, Scorpio, rules security, so a top-notch home-security system would be a must.

Consider incorporating touches of black into your china pattern for a distinguished, formal look to your table setting, such as a dinner plate edged in grey, and pair your china with a black charger plate for a sophisticated look. The pattern associated with Scorpio is often exotic and does not echo nature, for example, a Chinese motif. To pair with your china pattern, choose traditional, hand cut crystal, say, by Baccarat along with an elegant crystal wine decanter.

Emma Stone, Julia Roberts, Rebecca Romijn, Chloe Sevigny, Katie Perry, Gabrielle Union, Winona Ryder, Kendall Jenner, Ellen Pompeo, Anne Hathaway, and Demi Moore.

Going to the movies is fun for you, and you enjoy it all the more if the story is a romantic drama. If the sex scenes are compelling and divinely romantic, you’ll go home thinking of ways you can delight your partner in private on your honeymoon. Reading romance novels is also a good way to get your pulse racing. You know how to set the scene—rose petals, candles, and beautiful lingerie are all part of the seduction that you’ll enjoy doing for your spouse, now and forever.

The reproductive organs.

You do not like fussy food. A beautifully grilled steak and a salad would suit you perfectly. Add a glass of red wine. You would have a beautiful wedding cake (you love traditions), but you wouldn’t go overboard on the sweets offered. Instead you would budget more for the meal itself and the fine wine offered. Guests will feel satisfied and enjoy the delicious meal you decide upon, and you would include items that would cater to guests who do not eat meat.

As a Scorpio, you are nearly obsessed with privacy, and the last thing you would want is to run into someone you know on your honeymoon or any trip you take for that matter. As a water sign, you like being on the water—sail or fly to one of the Greek Islands (maybe a private one?), or alternatively, a cruise to any sumptuous island would also fit the bill. You might want to drive to the Florida Keys or fly to the Hawaiian Islands. Maine’s shoreline is beautiful in summer, or New Orleans with its background of myth and mystery (not to mention amazing Cajun foods) would captivate you.

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