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August 23 – September 22

“I Analyze”

Perfectionist, industrious, giving, practical, health-conscious, reserved, discrete, faithful, modest, and thrifty.

Virgo is one of the most misunderstood signs. Some people mistakenly believe Virgo to be a prissy librarian. Nothing could be further from the truth. Make no mistake—Virgo is a sexy, warm, and devoted sign that believes in keeping private things private. There’s an earthy sexiness about this sign that makes most any Virgo approachable, warm, and funny—and memorable, too.

To you, details matter. You know that we reveal our character through the many small things we do and choose, and as a Virgo, you pay a great deal of attention to those details. Your eagle eyes spot flaws in things quite easily—flaws others never see—which is why Virgo often gets an unfair reputation for being critical. In fact, it’s more of an indication of your idealism and your need to always stretch to reach polished perfection. Why accept things as they are when they can be so much more?

Earth – realistic and practical. You always want to be sure you are dealing with real life, not fantasy. This is the reason many of your plans work out so successfully.


Teal, deep green, chocolate brown, navy blue. Also, fabrics with tiny prints, especially flowers.

Small, bright colored flowers that grow wild on the mountainside – buttercups, orange blossoms.


You need a calm space with great containers and modular units for storage. You are, above all, organized. To you, dear Virgo, simple is beautiful. You will demand function and substance in design, so your choices must always make practical sense. You love beauty too, of course, but the pieces you put together in your home must fit together as a whole. You don’t like flash—warm woods are better than chrome and glass for you.

Your colors tend to be soft, and they would all be compatible with your sensibilities. Try mixing spruce green and teal for a beautiful, soft but modern look. Small tiny prints are also associated with Virgo and might make you happy.

Simple, tall branches in a vase would be very “Virgo.”

As a Virgo, you are often very talented with your hands, so if that includes you, you should display some of your handmade treasures.

When it comes to your design in china, you might love a repeating pattern in a soft grey color or other neutral with a metallic charger plate. Pair your china with a patina linen in white, gunmetal, and silver and a luster placemat in granite. Choose crystal glassware with an interesting stem or modern design.

Add silver picture frames to your bridal registry to display your favorite photographs of family and friends, and include plenty of crystal vases in different shapes and sizes. Virgo is associated with just-picked small wildflowers that you brought in from the garden or impulsively bought on a city street on your way home from work.

Beyoncé, Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz, Selma Hayek, and Pink.

Virgo loves to work with her hands. Mercury rules your sign, making you particularly dexterous, which is why you often have hobbies that involve handwork, such as fashion design, illustration, sewing, needlepoint, tailoring, or carpentry. (Not surprisingly, Virgo rules French couture.) You are also a superb communicator, and Virgos often work in publishing as writers, editors, or researchers. When working on your wedding, keep a journal and a vision board. While you are working on a hobby, you can also find time to think—and presto, ideas emerge!

The intestines, which is why you likely have a stomach that is as flat as a pancake and why you wear a bikini so well.

Virgos prefer to eat light, as your digestive track tends to be delicate. As a result, many Virgos are vegetarians and work with nutritionists to be sure they are getting enough nutrients from the foods she chooses. Virgo is linked to the healing arts, so for your wedding, you are likely to keep your guests’ dietary food requests at the top of your mind.

You love to do plenty of research before your trip on the culture, the food, and the language. The more time you have to get ready, the more you’ll enjoy your honeymoon. You are the zodiac’s industrious worker, so a quiet beach vacation would not be your style. Choose a city as far away and different from your own city as possible—consider an awe-inspiring trip to China, India, Peru, or Greece, as a few examples. Your mind is active, and you have a strong need to learn—hopefully your partner will be as enthusiastic about such a honeymoon as you would be.

Remind your mate that you will have the maps and will have checked out all the hotels and restaurants so that you can enjoy the best your destination has to offer.

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