Happy with how registries are? Then you don't know what they can be.

Designed by experts, inspired by you.

The Slowdance Approach Slowdance is a wedding registry that is curated for you based on your taste and lifestyle. Jung Lee, our founder, has been creating beautiful weddings for high profile clients around the globe for over a decade. At the heart of her approach is her talent at capturing the essence of every couple. Now Jung, along with her team, is bringing that same approach to the world of wedding registries and making it possible for couples to have access to their design expertise at no cost. Their unique method blends styles, genres and prices to create an inimitable recommendation — inspired by you and your taste, but that you could never create on your own.

Slowdance Pairings

Alexandra & Jonathan

All our married friends could barely remember what they got for their wedding. Slowdance made it so we love everything - basically, they curated a registry for us that helped us design our home.

Monique and Alessandro

We read about this new registry where every product was more beautiful than the next and their designer curated your registry for you. It sounded too good to be true but we went online and fell in love. It's truly a game changer.

Laura & Simon

There is nothing out there like Slowdance - they understood which products we would love and which we would actually use daily. It was amazing! End of story.

Kate + Jimmy

This sounds crazy but after spending only 45 minutes of our own time, we had a truly incredible registry. They understood our style and the Slowdance team did all the hard work for us.

The Slowdance Steps

Step 1

We Learn

Take our short, fun style quiz so we can learn about your taste and lifestyle.

Step 2

We Curate

We handpick a collection just for you, filled with things you need and things you never realized you needed.

Step 3

You Enjoy

We work to refine your registry until it’s perfect for you!

Our Collection

Every item we carry, from emerging designers to luxury brands like Baccarat and Hermes, ranges across all price points and has been handpicked by Jung because it represents the best of the best.

What The Press Is Saying About Us

For those who want to keep their sanity and their space at home, wedding planner Jung Lee explains below how to buy, keep, or store your registry haul ahead of the wedding.
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