A Letter from Susan

By Susan Miller
Founder of AstrologyZone.com

You are planning your wedding, one of the most enchanting and romantic days of your life. You’ve been dreaming of this day, and you will want it to be perfect in every way. It can be!

It may help to know that everything astrologers have gleaned about your sign is taken from what nature tells us at the time of your birth. For example, the flowers and colors associated with your sign are the ones seen in nature near your birthday.

Did you know that approximately 75% of brides (and some grooms) wed within six weeks of their birthday? Think about your mother’s wedding date as compared to her birthday. Ask other family members, friends, and co-workers to see if this astrological statistic works in your circle. The reason a bride or groom will unwittingly and quite naturally choose a date near their birthday is because that’s when the Sun returns to where it was when you (or your partner) were born. The Sun’s position is where you shine in life, and it brings great warmth to you near your birthday. Of course, you can get married any time and enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

I always imagined I would marry in June, but I married in the coldest part of winter. I never thought that would happen! It turned out to be a beautiful winter wedding, romantic in every way, proving it’s important to keep an open mind. We had to marry at that time of the year because my lease was up. In New York City, where I have always lived, apartments are hard to find. My boyfriend had to move too, so the pressure was on. Remarkably, he found a beautiful large apartment in the same building as mine, on the same floor, and down the hall from mine, and he moved in. I couldn’t afford an apartment of that size at the time, but my father would have disowned me if I moved in with my boyfriend as an unmarried woman. Hearing this, my boyfriend was delighted. After dating two years, it was clearly time to wed. We did.

Did you also know that about 70% of the time you marry the sign of your mother or father? My daughter mentioned this recently when she read it in an astrology book. My first response was, “No, way!” But she pointed out that her Dad (my husband) is a Scorpio, as was her grandfather, my father. Her great grandmother (my grandmother) was also a Scorpio! The reason for this is that you are familiar and comfortable with the sign of your mother or father, and you intuitively are drawn to a mate of that sign.

When Kate Middleton met Prince William, I knew she would fall in love with her Cancer-sign sweetheart, for Princess Kate’s father’s birthday also fell under the sign of Cancer, only three days after Prince William’s. This happens so often that it’s remarkable. If you haven’t fallen in love with a person with the sign that matches a dear family member (most likely your mother or father), you might fall in love with a person who has a Sun sign that matches your rising sign or the sign of an important natal planet, such as Venus or Mars. This is a fun fact to investigate.

As you read this piece, read for your Sun sign, and read for your rising sign too, if you know it. Your rising sign is the sign that was literally rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth — a fact you can only know if you know your precise time of birth to the minute (it is found on most people’s handwritten birth certificates, but never on a computer copy). After you have your time of birth, you can have your chart done. Your chart didn’t exist decades ago, a millennium ago, or even, say in the time of Cleopatra, nor will it resurface in decades from now, or even in 3056. You are completely unique. Astrology is very detailed and mathematical, so even twins have different charts. This means you should sing your own song, not the one a professor tells you to sing in life, nor what your parents may have told you to sing. Follow your heart, dear reader, for astrology bears out the wisdom of doing so. You were born for a reason, and you have much to contribute to the world.

Never be concerned about Sun-sign compatibility in your relationship — I feel anyone can get along with anyone else with just a bit of effort. We all have unique charts, comprised of eight planets (including Pluto) plus the Sun and moon in places in the sky that will never to be repeated in the same pattern and same mathematical degree. Something drew you together—celebrate what you first loved in your partner, and always will.

Now, let’s get started on generating ideas!