Stories of Italy

Flamingo Tumblers

Stories of Italy is pleased to present a new project inspired from the chromatic research and the deconstruction of the technique behind the Murano glass macchia.
Traditionally, the macchia is applied in a single phase and it is subsequently coated with a crystal layer.

Here, instead, it has been deconstructed and reassembled. By completely removing the crystal, the artworks lose the sparkling effect – a characteristic of the macchia - in favour of an opaque one. The chromatic motifs are created through repeated multiple applications of colourful pigments and flakes: layers on layers, macchie on macchie.

The opacity as well as the layers bring to life a soft and dense texture – a drastic departure from the formal canons of the Murano glass tradition – whose optical effect is reminiscent of the vast array of colourful glazes, marbles and pietre dure in vogue throughout ancient Italy, which were at the heart of this project’s research. This project marks another step towards Stories of Italy’s ongoing reinterpretation of Murano glass art, and it strengthens the company’s vision as an innovative entity within contemporary Italian art glass.