Rosenthal Studio

La Scala del Palazzo Verde Scented Candle

This fascinating Versace for Rosenthal covered votive candle is produced using the finest porcelain creating a style that is best described as luxurious and glamorous. Lavish ornaments decorate this piece and make it a 'must have' for everyone in love with opulent design.

Part of an elegant series of candles featuring the most iconic Versace motifs on one-of-a-kind porcelain: Medusa Gala, Vanity, Medusa, Le Jardin de Versace, Les Etoiles de la Mer, La Scala del Palazzo, Prestige Gala and I love Baroque. Stylish table accents with refined details and elaborate craftsmanship give that unmistakable Versace touch on fine natural wax candles with luxurious fragrance that shine brilliantly over 60 hours. Measures 5.5" tall.