Richard Brendon

Optic Highball, Set of 2

Inspired by centuries old glass making techniques, Optic features a striking and elegant ribbed design across a tumbler, highball and carafe. With a reassuring weight and beautiful tactility, the collection comes in both a classic clear and subtle smoke colour, offering both beauty and versatility in the contemporary or classic home. 

Optic is a true celebration of the exceptional heritage behind glassblowing. As early as 1450, glassblowers in Germany were blowing glass into ribbed moulds followed by a plain secondary mould, in which the pieces were carefully twisted to create a spiral effect. This technique spread throughout Western Europe, before being refined in Murano from 1550. English glassmakers followed suit in the late 17th Century when Champagne became popular in England, and the ribbed glass effect was deployed to hide the cloudiness that was rife in Champagne at the time.

The perfect glass for serving any long drink you want to savour, and is a great option for beer thanks to its solid base.