Sacred Bird and Butterfly Dinner Plate Large

This large dinner plate can also function as a buffet plate. Licensed product of Historic Charleston. The Sacred Butterfly was a Chinese export pattern of about 1800 and was intended for those who admired the sophistication of placing traditional Chinese motifs of birds, butterflies and flowers on European shapes.

The Chinese word for butterfly, tieh, is a pun which expresses the wish that the owner might live to a ripe age. These motifs were rendered with characteristic understatement in the traditional Chinese orange and gold colors in an all-over pattern. The marriage of shape and design was a success and was reproduced in English china of about 1800-1810. Our reproductions are based on originals in Historic Charleston. Dishwasher safe.

Our colorway in blue is our newest introduction and an adaptation of the original in orange and has not been seen before. Blue is edged in silver luster and banded in gold.