The Pearl Necklace

The pearl necklace is an iconic classic, which has offered an irresistible invitation to subversive reinterpretation through the centuries. Renaissance queens, maharajas, First Ladies, and starlets from the Golden Age of Hollywood to the present have all made the pearl necklace part of their wardrobes, each wearing it after the fashion of the times or their own fancy. In The Pearl Necklace, Assouline and Mikimoto explore the legacy of these lustrous strands through fine art and fashion in a luxurious volume that reminds us why the pearl necklace has long been the ultimate object of fascination and fantasy


300 pages

200 illustrations

English language

Released in September 2016

W 9.84 x L 12.99 x D 1.61 in

Hardcover with Jacket

ISBN: 9781614285120

5.0 lb