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March 21 – April 19

“I Am”

Assertive, self-starting, enthusiastic, risk taking, individualistic, passionate, energetic, and cheerful.

A self-starter, full of energy and enthusiasm, you have the power to light a nation to your cause! Your sign is the first of the zodiac, symbolizing life itself and the force of nature—the bud, the seed, and the continual regeneration of life. Passionate, intense, sexy, spicy, and saucy, the Aries young woman enjoys the thrill of the romantic chase. You are competitive and enjoy being considered the “prize.” Why, you say, would you have made it easy for your suitor to win your heart? That’s why you likely kept the courtship going for a while—why end the best part of courtship when that’s so much fun?

You do not wear your heart on your sleeve, as some signs, such as Pisces or Cancer, would be prone to do. If two suitors vied for your attention at the same time, you thought, all the better! Now that you are engaged and about to wed, you’ll enjoy being a continual surprise to your mate, full of fun and never seem to run out of fresh ideas of things to do together.

Fire – creative and prone to starting new ventures. You are drawn to situations where you can put your imprint on the landscape, for to an Aries, independence and individuality is all. Striking and original, you are surely unforgettable.


Cherry red, deep rosy or pale, blue pink, mixed with or contrasted to snow white.

American Beauty roses, any color, especially pink and red.


Aries, you need a simple, well-organized space that reflects your vitality and style. Your confident personality makes you interested in trends, while still keeping your space a clean and sleek. You love trying out new ideas.

Aries thinks big, so you would need a dramatic, spacious apartment or house without too many details or distractions. You need empty space to feel calm.

Aries rules the head, so a handsome bust of a Greek philosopher like Aristotle for your desk might interest you. As an Aries, you like to make a unique statement.

If a fireplace in your home is not possible, you would love a mantle where you can have many candles, small lights, and photographs. In the living room you might have two very large throw pillows that offer a pop of color that your guests can use to get comfortable when watching TV or sitting around your coffee table when you have a large group over to your place.

Your ruling planet Mars rules wrought iron—you may like to incorporate black wrought iron on your patio. Stone planters might interest you. Mars also rules fire, and you’d love to have a barbeque to grill outside.

Consider having one room painted a burnt red, such as the bedroom, with snow white sheets and pillowcases—lots of pillows!

As an Aries, you love unexpected textures, so an exposed brick wall or a stone mantle or wall, if you live in the country, might appeal to you.

In accessories, add touches of red, your lucky color. For a new look, you might use blush and put points of deep cobalt blue, perhaps on your table.

Aries loves sleek classic style, with nothing too fussy. In dress and for your home décor, you tend to like clean lines. Your association with fire means you love candles, so be sure to register beautiful candlesticks.

You are a girl on the go, so rather than favor tablecloths that require more upkeep, you might want to register linen placemats for your formal holiday table and colorful or textured informal placemats for daily use.

You also might register server plates for your dinner china to underscore the colors of your china for a unified, sophisticated look. Perhaps a touch of red, your lucky color, in the china design you choose. For a modern look, try mixing a pale warm blush pink (as a derivative of red) with touches of cobalt blue.

Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keira Knightley, and Julia Stiles.

As the zodiac’s entrepreneur, you are happiest when self-employed. A natural leader, you love to rally the team, test innovative ideas, and pioneer into areas where the proverbial angels fear to tread. Nothing excites you faster than a competition. Lipstick red matches your passionate nature. You won’t slavishly follow fashion trends—you’ll originate them!

The head and your luxurious hair. You must have your hair “just so,” or you will continue to fuss with it all day until it is right. When your hair is right, everything in your work seems in place. Be sure to do a hair rehearsal before the date of your wedding, and bring along your veil to your stylist if you plan to wear one. If you plan to wear flowers in your hair or special hair accessories instead, bring those along. Leave nothing to chance. Usually, Aries has thick, beautiful hair—it is one of your best beauty features.

Aries generally likes spicy foods while dating—Thai, Tex-Mex, Korean—but you also enjoy traditional foods for your wedding.

As a fire sign, you tend to prefer a warm, sunny spot, so consider going to an island like Bermuda, Hawaii, or the American Southwest. Choose a beautiful, mountainous resort, for that would appeal to the little Ram, especially if the resort offers plenty of opportunities to participate in sports, from scuba diving to tennis, mountain biking or mountain climbing, hiking, swimming, jet skiing, or other fun sports. Aries is known to be athletic and to keep in good shape. You have over-the-top energy and an unflagging competitive spirit. (To Aries, the point is to win, not just to play the game.) Hopefully your partner won’t mind if you win when you play together, for you will win often! You love risk, so if you hoped to go abroad, consider going to Monte Carlo or London where sophisticated gambling in private clubs takes place and might intrigue you. Play a game or two of blackjack or roulette after your romantic dinner for two—before heading upstairs.

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